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Maternity Meditation Class

Our story is rooted in the experiences of our founder, LaVerne "Lavi" Reid. Through her personal birthing experiences, LaVerne identified a critical need for change in maternal health outcomes, particularly in the Houston, TX area. Inspired by her background in plant-based health and the remarkable transformations she has witnessed in countless lives, LaVerne set out to make a difference in the lives of mothers.

At MILK, we are on a mission to empower mothers, particularly those at high risk, to advocate for themselves and improve their health during pregnancy and postpartum. Our Lifestyle Doula training program, led by a dedicated team of OB/GYNs, pediatricians, IBCLCs, and doulas, focuses on:

  • Strengthening Health Equity: We prioritize mental and physical health of high-risk groups, including Black and Indigenous birthing persons, addressing disparities in healthcare access and outcomes.

  • Addressing Lifestyle Factors: Our program incorporates evidence-based strategies to promote healthy lifestyles, including nutrition, physical activity, and stress management, to reduce the risk of complications.

  • Cultural Awareness and Advocacy: We challenge the assumptions of medical professionals and cultural practices in maternal health, fostering a supportive and respectful birthing environment.

  • Holistic Support: We aim to create a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthier generation of mothers by providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive care.

Our dedicated team of specially trained doulas works alongside each mother, offering personalized guidance and support tailored to their individual needs. We offer a range of classes and services designed to support mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Our program represents a unique intersection of lifestyle medicine and social support, ensuring that mothers receive holistic care that addresses all aspects of their well-being.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to making these essential services accessible to all mothers who need them. We firmly believe that every mother deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of doula support, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our classes are offered virtually, and we have a plan to expand into 15 in-person markets by the end of 2024. Our pricing structure is thoughtfully designed to ensure affordability without compromising on the quality of care.

But we're not stopping there. We're actively seeking partners who share our passion and vision, as we aim to grow our organization into the go-to destination for doula support and training. Together, we can redefine the standards of maternal care, one mother at a time.

Community Partnerships

Partnering with MILK provides hospitals and OB/GYNs the opportunity to enhance their patient care and outcomes. We offer a comprehensive support system for high-risk pregnancies, helping mothers achieve better health during and after pregnancy. We're dedicated to data-driven success, meticulously tracking patient outcomes to demonstrate the tangible improvements our services bring. By collaborating with us, healthcare providers can offer their patients access to proven, effective solutions that lead to healthier pregnancies and satisfied families.

Business Colleagues
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Become a Doula

At Milk, we provide Doulas with comprehensive training that opens the door to a world of opportunities. Upon completion, you'll enjoy lifetime access to continuing education, optional membership in our trusted directory, and the chance to host your own classes, helping you build a thriving business. Our Doula program starts at just $159 upfront and $79 per month, making it an affordable and rewarding investment in your future as a maternal health professional.

Meet Our Leadership

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LaVerne Reid, Doula, NCS

Founder, Program Director, Instructor


Sharifa Glass, MD

Pediatrician, IBCLC, Curriculum Advisor, Instructor


Fiona Lindo, MD

MPH, FACOG, FPMRS, Curriculum Advisor


Gayane Harvey, Doula, NCS



Monet Pimentel, LCSW-S, CCM


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