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Partnership with MILK Maternity

At MILK Maternity, we are dedicated to transforming maternal and infant health outcomes through innovative and culturally sensitive support programs. We invite institutions, such as schools, counties, churches, and community centers, to partner with us in making a significant impact on maternal health within their communities. Our comprehensive offerings include training staff, providing trained doulas, implementing community-based programs, and offering our Lifestyle Doula Certification as a stand-alone curriculum.

Training Staff and Providing Trained Doulas

For institutions seeking to improve maternal and infant health outcomes, MILK Maternity offers specialized training programs for your staff. Our Lifestyle Doula Training Program equips your team with the skills and knowledge to support expectant mothers effectively. Additionally, we can provide trained doulas to support your existing initiatives, ensuring that mothers receive the highest quality care and support. Click to learn more.

Community-Based Programs

We collaborate with churches, community centers, and other centers of influence to implement stand-alone programs designed to recruit and train individuals from the community as doulas. These programs not only enhance maternal health outcomes but also empower local community members with valuable skills. We offer these training programs free or at a discounted rate to make them accessible and impactful. Click here to learn more.

Lifestyle Doula Certification for Schools

Our Lifestyle Doula Certification Program is available as a stand-alone curriculum for schools interested in integrating maternal health education into their offerings. This comprehensive curriculum combines lifestyle medicine with social support, providing students with a robust understanding of holistic maternal care. By offering this certification, schools can contribute to building a healthier future generation of mothers and families. Click to learn more.

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