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The Best Ways to Increase Your Milk Supply

It might be counter-intuitive to say the best way to increase your breast milk production is to breastfeed more, but it’s true.  The more often your baby latches and suckles, the more it stimulates your glands to produce milk. It may seem discouraging at first, and you may be tempted to put baby on the single breast he or she prefers, but don’t give up.  There are a few other ways to increase your milk supply without crying – plus, read to the end to find a bonus tip I learned when I was nursing.

Power pumping– Pumping at more frequent intervals than you are used to, or than when your 👶🏽baby eats, stimulates your breasts to produce milk “on demand”. This essentially creates a new schedule, causing your body to produce milk more frequently.

Comfort feeding is when your baby nurses when he’s not hungry or when he’s already finished eating (possibly sleeping 💤). The light tugging on your nipples stimulates milk production. The more often he comfort feeds, the more likely you are to produce.

Eat oatmeal – The truth is, there’s enough anecdotal evidence and support from the professional medial community (including lactation consultants) to conclude that 1 bowl of oatmeal per day can increase your milk supply.

Stop supplementing 🍼- Unless you’re instructed to do so, or your baby is not gaining/losing weight, then you may want to hold off on “topping” her off. Supplementing with the bottle 🍼when your baby has already emptied the breast signals that not as much milk is needed.

Self care – Providing mom’s body, mind and soul with what she needs is crucial to adequate milk production. Consider:

🎯Amount & quality of rest

🎯Nutrient intake

🎯Water intake

🎯Mental state on a daily basis

Doing those last four items alone could possibly boost your milk supply within a few days.

If you’re finding it hard to make time for yourself contact us. Our postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists travel all over the world to help mothers recuperate, heal and enjoy new motherhood.

So, as I mentioned – sometimes your baby has a preferred boob, which leaves your other breast deflated and sad.  My bonus tip to you is to latch your baby onto the breast he doesn’t like about 5 minutes AFTER feeding begins.  Let him start on his favorite and get that yummy foremilk first. Then, once he’s a little content, switch him to the breast he least prefers and have him latch until he gets frustrated, then return him to his preferred side.  Continue doing that throughout the feed at least 3 times per day (or at least ½ the amount of times that you nurse, if not every time).  I hope these tips are helpful.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to increase your milk supply?  Does your baby have a favorite side?

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