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Training Staff and Community Doulas

MILK Maternity offers a comprehensive doula training program for schools, designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified lifestyle doulas. Our robust curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of students and is aimed at fostering the next generation of maternal health advocates.


Maternal Mortality and Morbidity in the US

Maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the United States are alarmingly high compared to other developed countries. Leading causes of maternal mortality include cardiovascular conditions, infection, hemorrhage, and complications from preeclampsia and eclampsia. Additionally, significant disparities exist, with Black women being disproportionately affected, experiencing maternal mortality rates that are three to four times higher than those of white women. Addressing these issues is crucial for improving maternal health outcomes nationwide.


Program Overview

Our doula training for schools is a 3-month certification program that includes a blend of theoretical and practical learning experiences. The program is structured to provide a deep understanding of maternal health, emphasizing lifestyle factors that influence health outcomes. Students will engage in various assignments, assessments, written reports, and simulations to ensure a well-rounded education.


Program Objectives

  • Holistic Maternal Care: Understanding the importance of nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and other lifestyle factors that impact maternal health.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Providing culturally sensitive care tailored to diverse populations.

  • Advocacy and Support: Learning to advocate for mothers within the healthcare system, providing emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Behavior Change and Health Education: Promoting healthy behavior changes in expectant mothers and educating them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

  • Clinical Skills and Simulations: Practicing clinical skills through simulations and hands-on training to provide effective doula support.


Certification Requirements

To achieve certification, students must complete a set number of hands-on hours, working directly with expectant mothers under the supervision of certified doulas and other maternal health professionals. This practical experience is essential for applying the knowledge gained during the training and developing real-world skills.

Key Components of Certification:

  • Assignments and Assessments: Regular assignments and assessments to evaluate students' understanding of the material and their ability to apply it in practical scenarios.

  • Written Reports: Completion of written reports on various topics related to maternal health, demonstrating research and critical analysis skills.

  • Simulations: Participation in simulated scenarios to practice skills in a controlled environment, with feedback from experienced trainers.

  • Hands-On Hours: Completion of hands-on hours, working directly with mothers to develop confidence and competence as a lifestyle doula.


Contact Us

To learn more about implementing MILK Maternity’s doula training program in your school, please contact us. Together, we can prepare students to become knowledgeable and compassionate doulas, ready to make a positive impact on maternal and infant health.

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